The Party Policy

The Party emblem is 3d glasses. Objects seen through these glasses may be _______er than they appear.

The Party is and practices a materialist feminism.

The Party

Uses protection.

Takes lots of risks.

Washes hands before and after.

Pleasure is a Party Principle //// Inflatable heads / imaginary swimming pools / monster suits / confetti bombs / roller skates / loud music / thinking / talking / listening / plants / thrusting / middle-school science ////

The Party Favors/Favours.

The Party makes more work later (this is not a policy, this is a party habit).

There is no end to more.

The Party fakes it.    

There is no end to more.

The Party embraces multiplicity, opposition, and contradiction. Fuck binaries. But we do like doubles… and proliferations even more.

The Party is queer/s.

The Party does embodiment. We take it as a given that ‘me’ might not end at my skin.

The Party is synesthetic color.

Artifice, glitter, conflation, derailment, bait and switch, consensual plagiarism, poor grammar, and puns.

Always think you’re me.